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Best Heavy Bag Reviews


Heavy bags have became a huge hit (pun intended)!  From the local Boxing Gym, MMA Gym, and Home workout gym everyone is getting a standing or hanging heavy bag to incorporate into their fitness programs.  Heavy bags, also commonly referred to as punching bags gives one of the best overall full body workouts depending on how you use it.

Since it can be used to punch and kick it helps build strength in the upper and lower body along with cardio.  There are also a lot of Kickboxing classes now that are becoming popular and these classes use the heavy bags as one of their primary workout techniques, so if you are wanting to try a heavy bag you may try one of these kickboxing classes.

However, if you are ready to take the plunge and buy a punching heavy bag for your own home workouts or a gym we wanted to give you all the information about the best bags on the market today.  Heavy Bags comes in one of two bag styles: hanging bag or standing bag.  The hanging bags can be anywhere between 60 and 70 pounds, and needs to be mounted from a very solid source of your wall or ceiling. The freestanding bags, weigh about approximately 250 to 300 lbs when filled, and allow you to move them around.

1) Wavemaster Powerline Heavy Bag (Best Value)

The Wavemaster Powerline is the heavy bag that really sets the standard especially in the martial arts market.  When it comes to the biggest bang for your buck Powerline bags easily outrank any other bags.  It can easily be classified as the standard in martial arts bag training.  The nice thing about the Wavemaster Powerline heavy bag is that they are so much more convenient than the traditional hanging bags and allow you to move them around on the floor for different techniques, forms, and movements.  This one’s the original and the one I have in my own back yard. It’s held up extremely well, of course, I store the top indoors when I’m not using it and leave the base outside, now I prefer these over the old traditional hanging bags which I would never go back too.  I fill mine with water which works out great and have only one leak because it got knocked over and slid down a flight of stairs.

Where to buy the Wavemaster Powerline bag:


2) Century’s BOB Heavy Bag

Okay he is really fun to beat up since the feel of the outer layer is somewhat life like so when you are hitting it you get the feedback and texture of the face, head, and torso.  This heavy bag is only the upper torso so you cannot work any sweeps or lower leg kicks which is a draw back but as long as you know that going in it’s not really a disappointment.

Where To Buy Bob:

The MMA Zone: Bob Heavy Bag

Amazon: BOB Heavy Bag

Century: Bob Heavy Bag

3) UFC Heavy Bag

The UFC heavy bag is my favorite hanging bag on the market right now. They are actually visually stunning to look at. If you are looking for heavy bags for a gym then these would be a great choice since it would add to the visual presentation of your gym. Have a wall of these lined up would look awesome. One of the best features this has is the black trimmings with a longer chain and heavy chain attachment which is reinforced with genuine leather so it can take on any hits from even the biggest guys in the gym. This heavy bag also swings very smoothly and since it is heavy it swings and rotates very easily which is great when you are working on combinations.

Where to buy the UFC heavy bag:

The MMA Zone: UFC Heavy Bag

Amazon: UFC Heavy Bag

 UFC: UFC Heavy Bag

4) Wavemaster XXL Training Heavy Bag by Century

This is the #1 Heavy bag of Centuries and that is saying a lot since they are one of the top rated selling bags on the market.  This Wavemaster XXL provides the most substantial and significant kicking and striking surface you will find anywhere. This huge heavy bag stands 69 inches and is a solid 18 inches wide across for those solid hits.  The extra width the XXL heavy bag gives you provides you with plenty of room for learning those new kicks and techniques to rehearse and land it. One of the best features of this bag that customers continue saying about this bag is that it is rock solid and extremely durable, so it will last through those intense training workouts and session.  The Wavemaster XXL heavy bag weighs in at roughly 270 lbs when filled and can be assembled without any tools.

Overall This Wavemaster XXL Review:  Great bag that can take any punishment you can give out.

Where to buy the Wavemaster XXL:

Amazon: XXL Heavy Bag

Century MMA: XXL Heavy Bag

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