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What Are The Best MMA Gloves?


In this MMA Gloves review we wanted to help you find the answer to, “What are the best MMA Gloves?”  We get asked almost daily, “What are the Best MMA Gloves that I can buy?

However, we always hate it because we have to ask a question with a question and that is, “What are you going to use them for?“  It is crucial to know first and foremost what you are needing the gloves for.  Most MMA gloves are broken down into 2 primary categories and those are:

  • MMA Training Gloves: Used for day to day training and striking drills.
  • MMA Fighting Gloves: Used inside the ring in a competition.

If you are going to be using them for hitting the heavy bags, grappling, striking drills then you will need the MMA training gloves.  The MMA training gloves are made with more padding and foam on the knuckles to prevent injury to your training opponent.  This extra padding and foam also protecting your wrist and knuckles when hitting something hard like a heavy bag.  These gloves range anywhere from 8oz. to 16oz.  If you are going to be using them mainly for striking we would advise more foam while if you are grappling you can get by with the 8oz.  The 16oz. MMA gloves are getting to the size of boxing gloves so they will supply you with plenty of support and padding while hitting heavy objects like the heavy bag. MMA fighting gloves typically have less padding which ranges anywhere from 4oz. to 6oz like the Official UFC MMA gloves in our last review.

The MMA fighting gloves typically have less foam padding that range from 4oz. to 6oz like the Official UFC MMA gloves in our last review.  In the fighting gloves there is just enough foam to not break the knuckles of the fighter who is throwing the punch.  Most people think it is padding for the person being hit, but that is actually wrong it is for the person throwing the punch so their knuckles don’t crack or break.

The second factor in getting the best MMA gloves for your situation is to know the size you need.  Here is an article about MMA gloves size chart to help you determine what size you need.  One tip is to get the gloves half a size small so that way they stretch to the perfect fit.

Top 3 Best MMA Gloves Reviewed for Training


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