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Feiyue Shoes Review



Just to be up front in my Feiyue shoes product review I have always been a big fan of cotton sole kung fu slippers.  However the cotton sole shoes have a huge drawback when you go to wear them outside in that the water and dirt get absorbed into the material into the sole.  So, these Feiyue shoes with their rubber sole was a big learning curve for me.

Background of Feiyue Shoes

Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes

Feiyue Shoes

Although Feiyue martial arts shoes have always been well known in the Kung Fu and Wushu world they weren’t very widely known outside of this world.  However recently people outside of these realms have started seeing the value of the Feiyue shoes like; parkour, skateboarding, BMX, and others.

Feiyue shoes come in a variety of colors including white or black along with various styles like low-cut and high-top.

My Review of the Feiyue Shoes

The Feiyue martial arts shoes are great!  But, a word of caution they come roughly packaged and smells of a very strong rubber, however, after a few days of airing out this is gone.  I thought they were a bit big when I put them on but then realized that I wasn’t wearing socks so once I put the socks on they fit like a glove.  These shoes are so light weight it literally feels like you’re walking in socks.  Also to add I think they are very stylish and fashionable.  I have had several people stop me and ask me where I bought them.  I’ve used these shoes for about a month straight now, and have had not one problem with them.

So to be honest now I am not only a fan of cotton sole kung fu slipper but the Feiyue martial arts shoes as well.

Get your Feiyue shoes.



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